Our leitmotiv: providing you with quality products as expeditiously as possible and at competitive prices.

This will to satisfy you lies above all on our faithful and experienced staff that has become familiar with the maritime international environment over their years at SGAE. Our employees are French, American and Greek and master perfectly two to three different languages. In this way, whatever your nationality is, an SGAE representative will always stand ready to provide solutions to any issue you might have. These multiple assets enabled us to establish efficient teams, able to take action as soon as possible.

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Our means: availability, speed of intervention, performance.

However, this pursuit of efficiency wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have quality facilities. In order to take rapid actions, SGAE coordinates its interventions thanks to a modern road-fleet: multi-temperature refrigerated trucks (40 tons) – Multi-temperature compartmentalized refrigerated trucks (26 tons) – Multi-temperature light trucks (12 tons) as well as several other light refrigerated vehicles enabling to take action in relatively short timeframes. This ensures performance criteria to our clientele.

Whatever your problem is, we’ll solve it!